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Alpine Heavy Haul LTD has been providing heavy hauling services within Alberta as well as long-distance Canada-wide coverage since 2017. We specialize in shipping construction equipment, heavy machinery, and other large loads.

Our Pro-rated, IFTA and E-Log compliant fleet includes the following:

  • 2 on/off Highway Kenworth T-800 trucks
  • 1 on/off Highway Kenworth 1-W900B tri-drive winch tractor
  • A company-owned and operated Pilot Truck
  • A variety of trailers that include 16-32 wheel, and 6-12 axle combinations


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Alpine specializes in moving construction equipment but has the experience to plan and execute your unique, heavy haul requirements

About Alpine
Heavy Haul

Alpine Heavy Haul has three experienced drivers with over 10 years of heavy haul experience and operational support with over four decades of heavy haul experience

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